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For over 25 years, based on strong foundations and with single purpose the safety of our customers and their endeavors, we continue to offer our services and support to those who wish to be not only insured but also to be safe.

Our offices are based in Ayia Napa, Famagusta from where we handle customers from all over Cyprus. Our management and stuff have the know-how and experience to meet the needs of each person and the requirements of each business.

We implement the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system known as ISO9001:2015 TUV, demonstrating the ability to consistently provide insurance services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

We have established the foundations and we have the necessary tools in order to and support the activities of our customers.

Avraam Insurance Agents is here and will always be here, strong and reliable, actively participating in the insurance market of Cyprus.

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Avraam Insurance Agents is interested in witnessing their customers growth and development.


For this reason, beyond the provision of continuous care, Avraam Insurance Agents created synergies, secured the services of business consultants for the benefit of their developed, tools and other supportive services for the benefit of their customers.


Avraam insurance Agents is not an insurance representative like others; at Avraam we feel confident and strong to keep our customers safe.

Our Services

It’s good to know you’re with the best.

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Home insurances

Our home reflects the quality of life we would like to enjoy with our family. For this reason, we always select the best value for the money we spend.

Business Insurances

Our aim is to prodect businesses from unfortunate and unforseen events supporting their uninterrupted operation, continuous development and prosperity.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a compulsory insurance; if you are the owner of a motor vehicle, you are obliged to insure it, at least for third party liability cover.

Life & Health Insurances

Driven by the need to keep the wealth acquired for our customers’ family, we offer insurance schemes able to satisfy their specific needs.

Insurance for carriage of goods by sea and air

Insurance for carriage of goods by sea and air concerns all the individuals and importers or exporters of goods as well as any people engaging in transit trade.

An Insurance for you

The need to safeguard the property and wealth of every individual and business is best handled with the assistance and guidance of a professional insurance office who can offer specialized insurance products.

Cyber risk insurance

Cyber security and information protection can be challenging for companies of all sizes. Hackers are not the only threat — today’s businesses rely on the internet for services such as online marketing, administrative functions, inventory management, credit card processing, and distribution controls. Any intrusion that disrupts delivery of these services can lead to brand and reputation damage, regulatory scrutiny, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and financial losses. Avraam Insurance provides suitable cover for all businesses that could potentially face the risk of a cyber-attack.

Yacht Insurance

Yachting offers a unique experience and a sense of freedom. We offer you the opportunity to safely enjoy your yacht and travel with confidence.

Liability Insurances

Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory by law. Our personal and professional actions and activities may cause bodily injury or damages to third parties and employees.

Bicycle Insurance

For those who enjoy using their bicycle, we designed a new innovative insurance for cyclists, which offers riders three very important coverages.

Pet Insurance

We continue to innovate with the introduction of insurance products that are tailored to fulfill the present day requirements of the ever demanding customer. Among these is the Petcare plan in order to ensure the safety and longevity of your pets, cats and/or dogs. 

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance concerns everybody who travels, between 15-70 years of age. It is of interest to anybody traveling abroad either for business or for pleasure; it concerns you too!

Farm inurance

The farmCare plan is a specialized insurance contract for the safeguarding of farming units. It is primarily offered to existing or potential farm owners in order to compensate them in case of an accident, illness, death, or any malicious damage of the livestock.


All companies that provide services to clients must be prepared to face up to the prospect of possible court action.

Contractors All Risk Insurance (C.A.R.)

Contractors All Risk (C.A.R) policy offers coverage against a wide range of risks in relation to construction and demolition of buildings, factories, roads, bridges, ports etc.


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Avraam Insurance Agents is here and will always be here, strong and reliable, playing an important role in the insurance market of Cyprus.

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